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Aquashade Aquatic Plant Growth Control, Applied Biochemists

Aquashade Aquatic Plant Growth Control is a blend of blue and yellow dyes which shades specific portions of the sunlight spectrum (red-orange and blue-violet) required by underwater aquatic plant and algae growth.

Active Ingredient: Acid Blue 9 12.6% Acid Yellow 23 1.04%

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Bas-Oil Red Vegetation Management Spray Indicator, BASF

Use Bas-Oil spray indicator with oil-based herbicide solutions such as Garlon 4, and with hydrocarbon carriers such as penetrant-diluent (ULV oils, terpenes, diesel fuel or kerosene).

Big Foot Green SS Spray Solution and Hydroseeding Colorant, Brandt

Big Foot Green SS is a super concentrated, professional applicator’s grade temporary green colorant solution designed to be used to mark commercial spray solutions. The use of Brandt Green Toes SS eliminates overlapping or skipping of areas.
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Blue Lagoon SS Super Strength Colorant, Brandt

Blue Lagoon SS Super Strength Colorant adds a natural beauty to ponds, lakes, fountains and lagoons, coloring them a natural, beautiful blue.
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Blue Lagoon WSB Pond, Lake and Fountain Dye, Brandt

Blue Lagoon WSB (Water Soluble Bags) Pond, Lake and Fountain Dye is a safe and non-toxic colorant product designed to create natural, healthy looking environments in lakes, ponds, water hazards, or large fountains.
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Bullseye Blue, Spray Pattern Indicator, Milliken

Bullseye Blue Spray Pattern Indicator (SPI) is a non-staining, blue liquid polymeric colorant. Its remarkable color strength and superior performance properties are a perfect fit for use in industrial vegetation management.

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